Valdis Muktupavels (1958) is Latvian scholar, composer and musician. He is professor of ethnomusicology and director of the Baltic Sea Region studies at the University of Latvia. His field of expertise is Latvian and Baltic traditional and modern music culture – historical and social contexts, traditions and change, musical instruments, Baltic religion and identity issues. He has been guest professor in universities of Helsinki, Oslo (2009), Glasgow (2008), Edinburgh, Klaipeda (2007), Prague (2006), Greifswald (2006, 2005, 1998), Vytautas Magnus university in Kaunas (2004), and other. 

Muktupavels is one of key figures of modern folklore revival movement in Latvia. He has contributed to the revival of traditional musical instruments – kokles (psaltery), bagpipe, and others.  Muktupavels is also composer of choral, instrumental and film music, and he is renowned for his mystery “Nemus sonorum” (2008), oratorio “Pontifex” (2004) , albums of traditional and modern psaltery kokles (2002) and bagpipe (2000 and 2002) music. Among the latest films with his music are “Litauen – grünes Herz Europas ” (NDR, 2008), “Dina” (J. Podnieka studija, 2005), “Lettland: Wildnis zwischen Russland und Riga” (NDR, 2003). 

In ARENA festival we will meet Valdis in the program FROM THE ALPS TO THE GAIZIŅŠ, where he will perform together with Swiss composer Helena Winkelman.