Heloise Ph. Palmer (UK/Germany)

Heloïse Ph. Palmer is a British muïetic artist, pianist and author of Polish-German origin. Her musical education took place in Germany, Israel and the USA, and since 1992 she has been performing in Europe, Israel, North and South America. Palmer is also the creator of Muïesis, an alternative and truly contemporary performance practice that emphasises the artistic and cultural context related to musical works. The artistic output of Heloïse Ph. Palmer comprises music, literary and visual art. As a classical pianist she is equally focussing on the standard repertoire and the late Renaissance while showing a particular interest on neglected works. Since the early stage of her career she has been a strong advocate of contemporary music, also including popular and jazz idioms. A wide range of examples of her all-encompassing work may be viewed on youtube: www.youtube.com/user/heloisephilomele