DJ Toms Auniņš & Oriole

TOMS AUNIŅŠ, Latvian actor, director, composer, and radio host. Worked as an actor across various theatres in Latvia. Participated in creation of several films: FilmaFinansistsMāraMož. Member of Latvian experimental music band 1/2 H 1/2 W. At ARENA closing ceremony will perform under the topic of Funny Existentialism or the Self in the Era of Globalisation playing some of the deepest and equally funniest examples of contemporary electronic music.

ORIOLE, one of the most widely known Latvian beat makers. Works with the Dirty Deal Audio, founder of an electronic music publishing, has been nominated for Latvian Music Award as author of the best electronic music album three times year on year. Composed for the film Mashroom picking. At the ARENA will do the experiments of mixing powerful, fast, angry, cosmic and dreamy music, using analogue apparatus.