October 30 19:00, Riga St. Peter's Church

CANTO 33 is a new work of Swiss composer Helena Winkelman. It was written in Basel in 2007, but will have it's world premiere this year on 24th October in Erfurt (Germany) and on 30th October in Riga. 

The piece is very complex in intonation and demanding for singers. This is one of the reasons why CANTO 33 was waiting for it's premiere so long – until Winkelman decided to propose it's performance to the Latvian Radio choir, which has a huge experience in singing microtonal and overtone music, as well as contemporary music. This composition, which lasts 60 minutes, is written after Dante Alighieri's “Paradise” from the “Divina Commedia”. The creative work is connected very much with different fields of music – composer draws inspiration from folkmusic, jazz, visual arts, nature, literature and history, transforming these influences into music images.