MARIENGLASS. Electro-acoustic chamber opera
October 16 19:00, Riga Reformation Church
October 17 15:00 and 18:00 Riga Reformation Church

Electro-acoustic chamber opera MARIENGLASS is written by Swiss composer Beat Gysin after the poem of Franz Kafka "Der Schloss". This unique show, original both acoustically and visually, will surprise public by offering an unusual listening experience. Performers and listeners will be located in a special acoustic space. A part of the public will lie in the middle of the stage, the other part will sit around. The work will be performed both live and in the record, played in the headphones, which every listener will have.

MARIENGLASS tells us about our perception of reality. Can we believe the things we see and hear? Can we trust our brain? What could be our inner-film, if projected on a screen? Here is a little insight into the performance of the opera.