NO SAY NO WAY for solo percussionist
November 1 17:00, Culture Hall "3 Sisters", Riga

"Here and there. All I can remember. Here not here. I would say. What I wanted to say. Let me tell you something. A brave proposition. Dreams, not more. Jolly Jumper on the ride. No say no way. Why here, why there. All in a dream, all in real." This is how the composer François Sarhan (France) characterizes his new work, a world premiere of which will be held in ARENA. 

A fascinating lecture and performance, illustrating the history, mystery, beauty, truth and transcendence of the iconic percussion instrument, the triangle, will be presented by a percussionist Jennifer Torrence (USA, Norway). This time the performance will only include body percussion and household items. The composer himself will participate in the concert as a stage designer. Meanwhile here you can meet Jennifer Torrence, performing "Homework" by Francois Sarhan.