October 15 17:00, Reformation Church, Riga

The international chamber music project  Trio ORBIT (Greece)  has brought together Panayiotis Andreoglou (accordion), Gundega Šmite (piano) and Dimitris Marondis (electronics). The concert programme is based on combining exquisite electroacoustic pieces for the piano, accordion, and electronics. In the concert you will hear musical pieces from a wide historic range, beginning with the first historically recorded composition for piano and electronics – the Synchronisms by the pioneer of American electronic music Mario Davidovsky – till the newest opuses by Greek composers Panayiotis Kokoras and Dimitris Maronidis.

Mario Davidovskis, Jakobs van der Luiss, Panajotis Kokora, Dimitris Maronidis

Panajotis Andreoglou (accordion), Gundega Šmite (piano) and Dimitris Marondis (electronics)