ARĒNA 2003

To perceive the imperceivable – the high-points of unloading of tensity in the present world of music – the playground must be relatively capacious. On the ARENA ground a dense and intense atmosphere is to be expected! György Ligeti alone with his unlimited freedom of mind and imagination is challenge enough for the connoisseurs eager to listen. In the relationship of the unique master with his environment lies the appeal of unrelenting directness, this emerges in the apparent invitation (read: demand) to the addressee of his art – Open your ears!, in the ability to cement microscopic structures into the foundation of grand forms and extended musical ideas, as well as in a healthy unpredictability unveiling in the personal tragic and venturing of brusque jokes and irony.

A real nuclear reaction takes place among the creative forces of Latvia. Strategically significant explosives are prepared and new recipes tested by Maija Einfelde, Peteris Butans, Andris Dzenitis, Rolands Kronlaks, Vilnis Smidbergs, Martins Vilums. Quite often great composers have been given an additional voluntary point of support by enthusiastic and one-hundred-percent professional interpreters. In the selflessly acquired deeps of the ARDITTI quartet many of our most innovative and capricious contemporaries have driven inspiration. The attractive Finnish new music stage already for twenty years is unimaginable without the intense creative company of AVANTI!. The Latvian Radio Choir, the Riga Chamber Musicians and the Riga Festival Orchestra on their hand are awaiting the presence of their present and potential fans in unique and exquisite moments of jointly interested revelations.

The music of Gavin Bryars flows in another stream bed, its seeming calmness invites to follow almost with the eyes the infinite horizon line. This man, who has become almost a cult figure to a great part of music friends, has been seen here modestly for a number of times during the past year; it is possible, that the master's musical lines and the not too Europeanized rhythm of life of the Baltics have initiated some resonating vibrations between each other.

Fights in this ARENA never end with a defeat. Come to the ground!